Holly Lawrence is the bomb and more

The Crank recaps a busy weekend of racing and is especially impressed with Holly Lawrence and Flora Duffy.

| May 16, 2017 | NEWS

Photo >Bahrain Endurance 13

Holly Lawrence is the 70.3 IT athlete right now. She is just smashing everyone she races and has stamped herself as the premier 70.3 athlete in the world n 2017.

Sarah Piampiano made a come from the clouds effort to get into second in Santa Rosa. Still, when you give up over six minutes out of the water this might be the best you can hope for.

Sam Appleton continues his build. While he is not in world title winning form (yet), he continues to impress. A win in Santa Rosa by a comfortable margin was a another step forward.

Joe Gambles doesn’t race much, but when he does he is as tough as a coffin nail. You get reminded intermittently that he is one tough guy.

Denis Chevrot, one of the most unflappable triathletes in the world, went down to Bertrand Billard in France this weekend by one second. One of the closest we have had for a while. Nice to see Frederik Van Lierde up and about.

Emma Bilham, too, got it done ahead of a a so so field.

Kevin Collilngton snuck in ahead of Tyler Butterfield in Monterrey. Starykowicz did his usual. A nice win by Jeanni Seymour too.

Yeah I know he is coming back from injury, but is Andrew Starykowicz a threat ever? As far as I see it if you are on the line you are fit to race and if you are a pro you should be shooting for the win. 

I get ITU racing is super tough and the runners are amazing - there is no doubt. But is it too formulaic?

In saying that, watching Duffy and Mola win this weekend was great even in that rubbish weather. There were a lot of names missing from the top 10. No one from Australia and seeing a Brownlee in 42nd is a rarity. Duffy was a total boss, though, winning by minutes.

If you are a pro and want to make the top 10 in prize money for men you need to have made $18,000. For women it’s $15,000. If you feel bad reading this here's a pic of a cat.