Happy to see Linsey win, bike doping and more from The Crank

The Crank was thrilled to see Linsey Corbin win, is big on Jake Birtwhistle's future, doesn't like what he sees when it comes to bike doping and more from the weekend of racing.

| August 2, 2017 | NEWS

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The "Welcome Back Kotter Award" this week heads to Linsey Corbin after her stunning win at Ironman Canada. Corbin turned the jets on in the run to clean up and take a well deserved win. In the Crank’s mind Corbin is the women's pro's pro. She is fast, has an on point social media game and is media/sponsor friendly. Top of the class in this.

Good to see Rachel Joyce back in the tumult, too, on a regular basis.

Gonna say it again, not on board with single gender pro races. Nonsensical.

Nick Kastelein has been knocking around triathlon for awhile and spends a lot of his time training with Jan Frodeno. So based on that, eventually he would crack it for a win and when he unloaded on Ironman Switzerland he took all before him including nine-time winner Ronnie Schildknect who retired from the race seven kms into the marathon. Kastelein held a masterclass this weekend.

70.3 Ecuador saw Reinaldo Colucci and Kelsey Withrow winning in a race that slipped by the attention of most of the tri world.

The ITU World was restored this week with Flora Duffy and Mario Mola taking wins. The order is back in front. But here’s what we got out of this weekend. Apart from the constant annoyance of single day racing (yeah, yeah we know we have banged on about this!!) Jacob Birtwhistle will win a world title. It’s that simple and this guy is that good. Just mark this down as the time we said it (again). A second this weekend is just a preview of coming attractions. Birtwhistle finished ahead of Richard Murray, Jonathan Brownlee and Javier Gomez.

Flora Duffy is supreme this season and her win in a sprint by a minute is further evidence go her “supremeicity”. Yep made up word there.

Given the next three Olympics are all set it is time to make 750m/ 20km/ 5km the new Olympic distance.

In Italy this week there came reports of an amateur cyclist being busted for ‘bike doping’. La Gazetta published images of the bike (pictured) and when you see it you have to say that it looks everything like a normal bike. So what are we seeing here? Is this real or is it simply a myth? Do you think it has arrived in triathlon? Wouldn’t be hard to hide in a 1,500 bike transition area. 

This weeks “Tweet of the Week” comes from the cycling world and Jonathan Vaughters. He’s complaining about team budgets while we look at that pic and think it’s the comparison between wages of triathlon pros versus cycling pros. Who’s who should be evident!