The Crank's take on the Ironman World Championship

The Crank offers up some interesting commentary on this year's Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

| October 18, 2017 | NEWS

Lucy Charles, Daniela Ryf and Sarah Crowley celebrate after their big day in Kona.

Lucy Charles, Daniela Ryf and Sarah Crowley celebrate after their big day in Kona.

Photo >Frank Wechsel / spomedis

What do you say about Patrick Lange? Seriously, this guy has all the tools to make everyone’s life a serious problem for the next few seasons. 

We as media try as we may to pick the right winner. To be honest with you, we are just throwing darts most of the time. With a race like Kona you can make an educated guess, but at the end of the day it is quasi educated and more often than not it is a guess. You can make all the statistical analysis you like, but who can account for what happens on the lava?

And think about all the pre-race hype, the thousands of words written, even talking to the protagonists themselves who must be bored as hell answering the same questions and do it with a mixture of cliches and well healed lines. They themselves have only a scent of an idea how this might play out.

A true example of that is David McNamee. No one in their right mind would have had him on the podium. He was the surprise of the race for sure. A credit to him for going big, but prior to the race no one would have mentioned him. That's the best thing about this event - it's an opportunists haven. McNamee took full advantage of some great from and grabbed a famous podium.

I like the fact that Daniela Ryf got pushed in this one by an impressive Lucy Charles. She is no doubt class all the way, but it does the sport good to see its champions struggle….. then overcome.

Cam Wurf averaged 42.6 km/h in Kona. Yeah you read that right. Sure, he ran like a top age grouper, but he put it down two-wheeled style like no one else ever has. The “Pull the Sword” award heads to him because he pulled the sword and swung hard. 

The Colonel, Lionel Sanders, wins our "Grit and Bear it" award. We are redefining our admiration for this guy. The Colonel left nothing out there and it was plain to see he went deep into the well.

Is there anyone more excited about triathlon than Bob Babbit?

Why does Pancho Man sing the pros out of their interview and why do all the pros look like they are stuck in headlights. The awkwardness is right up there with David Brent’s office dance.

When is Ironman going to give the women’s race the space it deserves in Kona?

Have to give a shout out to Jan Frodeno. The defending champion finished on Saturday. And while this is admirable, how much damage did he do? Hopefully Frodeno is too calculated to risk his health and was smart to ignore the argument to quit to fight another day. Frodeno is the best professional triathlete in the world and his preservation had to have come into play.

James Cunnama and Sebastian Kienle underlined their class with two big performances on the weekend. These two have well and truly joined the ruling triathlon clique and continued to be heading up that group. Throw Andy Potts in there too.

Sarah Crowley capped a magic season with a podium in Kona. Solid and very consistent she is a well deserved member of this year’s elite.

Heather Jackson, too, was another top-flight competitor. While going missing in the win column, Jackson’s consistency in Kona is still on point.

Time for Ironman to invest in proper TV hosts. NBC needs to go to school on the sport too.

Triathlon media are some of the hardest workers in sports. Most triathlon publications are operating on a shoe string and work all the hours of the day. They do it well for a niche, underfunded community.

Matt Russell’s day went way south and he ended up in hospital with stitches in a pretty crucial part of his neck. Good to see him up and more importantly, alive.

Most pros post race reports start with.. “it was a tough day at the office” Really?