The Crank's take on Frodeno's big win and much more

The Crank liked what he saw from Jan Frodeno and Eva Wutti in Austria and was very impressed with Andreas Raerlert and Emma Pallant, too.

| July 4, 2017 | NEWS

Jan Frodeno with son Luca at the finish line of Ironman Austria.

Jan Frodeno with son Luca at the finish line of Ironman Austria.

Photo >Kevin Mackinnon

No surprises that Jan Frodeno blitzed the field in Austria. It might have come as shock of the year if he didn’t win, such is the "pro-ness" of the big German. But his win was light years away from the rest of the field, which was good without being great. And, without harping on the fact that the best in Europe this fortnight are being split by three races, let’s say Frodo was in another postcode this weekend.

In saying the above, it was good to see Eneko Llanos back and at the pointy end of the field.

Eva Wutti just beat out Corinne Abraham on the women’s side of Austria. Wutti hitting the sub-three hour mark on the marathon (2:57) in a great display.

Andreas Raelert is a gun and might just be the best athlete of the last decade never to have been world champion. His win in Edinburgh this weekend was a demonstration how good he can be. His seven-minute gap underlined that.

Emma Pallant raced against six others to win. Not her fault the race was light on competition as the podium women went very well. Outside of that, it was what it was.

Looking forward to the clash next weekend? Yeah that would be Roth and Ironman Frankfurt. This is so stupid.

The Crank is all in for a Patrick Lange win this weekend. As much as we love Sebastian Kienle (to the point of wishing he was Australian!) we want a super human run leg!

There’s something like 60 pros registered for Frankfurt. How many will show up? And how many should be there?

Rip off trophy of the week goes to Challenge for this number. Sure they climb the Mur in this race, but to rip off the Paris Roubaix’s famed trophy is weak.

Insta of the week heads to Greg Welch. Only Aussies will really get it, but it’s funny!