Weekend recap: Happy for Ashleigh and much more ...

Happy about Ashleigh Gentle's breakthrough day, loves ITU racing, impressed by Norseman ... another weekend of commentary from The Crank.

| August 8, 2017 | NEWS

Ashleigh Gentle celebrates with champagne alongside Flora Duffy and Andrea Hewitt.

Ashleigh Gentle celebrates with champagne alongside Flora Duffy and Andrea Hewitt.

Photo >Kevin Mackinnon

So the "pound the rock" award heads to Ashleigh Gentle. Gentle finally got her first WTS win in Montreal this weekend after a string of seconds. Gentle’s win was a brilliant one given the journey and that she was not in 100 percent health. Gentle has been running well this season and it solidifies her body of work in this arena. The Crank salutes her big time win ahead of a stacked field.

Great, too, how a certain radio station who specialize in sport kept talking up the ninth place of an Aussie in the marathon and refused to mention the Gentle win even in dispatches, yet a prime time comedy show based on current event managed to get a question in on her win. Go figure.

Whenever I feel bad about triathlon I just have to flick an eye over to athletics and then I feel all warm and cat happy.


Quick, everyone breathe again! Javier Gomez is back on top of the ITU world after winning in Montreal and restoring order to the Brownlee/ Gomez/ ITU alliance. Phew!

Olympic Distance Australia (formerly known on the Crank as Triathlon Australia) must be pinching themselves at the turn around of form by their elite team. Given they care little for long course and were constantly being shown up in this area to have the ITU team firing has a familiar ring to it.

Nope, not going to write how exciting ITU racing is when it is down to a single event and anyone could win on the day. Nope I won’t do it.

And also not going to mention how the ITU got is so right by corralling the best in the world so that you get races like Gentle v Duffy v Hewitt et al.

Is there a more bad ass race than Norseman?

Tim Don is having one of those years. His win in Boulder was another chapter in the 2017 year of smashing it up.

Jeannie Seymour surprised a few in Boulder with a big win.

You always think that the 70.3 Boulder event would be like a mini World Title given the amount pros who live there.

It never fails to amaze the amount of triathlon pros around the world. Refer to the field racing at Ironman Maastrihtch.

70.3 Philippines had a good field of men racing with World Champion Tim Reed getting it done on the bike to win.

Helle Frederiksen is dynamite and her win in Otepaa this weekend was dominant. Hands up if anyone was surprised? Not here!

Tweet of the week heads to CNN Philippines for giving some love to the sport!