Carfrae returns to racing

Three-time Ironman world champion Mirinda Carfrae is coming back to racing! First up is Ironman 70.3 Texas and she's also signed up for the Ironman Asia-Pacific Championship in Cairns.

| March 26, 2018 | NEWS

Mirinda Carfrae wins the Ironman World Championship in 2014..

Mirinda Carfrae wins the Ironman World Championship in 2014..

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The maternity leave is over for three-time Kona champ Mirinda Carfrae, who returns to racing at the upcoming Ironman 70.3 Texas in Galveston on April 8th. Carfrae has also announced that she'll be heading to the Ironman 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championship in Cairns, Australia on June 10.

Carfrae took last year off as she and husband Tim O'Donnell welcomed daughter Isabelle to the world.

“Taking time off to start a family has been the most rewarding experience of my life," Carfrae says. "But I can’t deny my competitive fire, and my drive to push myself to new levels of performance. Now, as Izzy’s mum, I’m more motivated than ever to make every training session matter and to race to my best ability for my little family.”

“It feels really good to be back in good form," she continues. "I’m in a new stage of my life, and merging motherhood with training and other responsibilities is certainly a juggling act, but it’s one I’m embracing. I believe it is possible to do it all and do it all exceptionally well—and I hope I can help inspire other mums and dads to do the same.”

O'Donnell will also be racing in Cairns, as will Carfrae's brother, Warrick.

Carfrae's last win in Kona came in 2014. She was forced to pull out of the race in 2015 after being hit by a car during race week, but bounced back in 2016 to a runner-up finish. She's looking forward to the challenge of going after a fourth Kona title in October.

“I’m hungry for it," she says. "I haven’t been on that top step in Kona since 2014, and every year the women’s field gets stronger and faster. But that doesn’t scare me; instead it inspires me to rise to the challenge. I’m not afraid to say that I want to be back on top, and I believe I have what it takes to make that happen.”

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