Almere ITU long distance worlds features full-distance

The 2020 ITU Long Distance World Championship in Almere, Netherlands, will include a 3.8 km swim, 180 km run and 42.2 km run, an exception to the regular 3/120/30 km distances.

| July 31, 2019 | NEWS

The swim during the 2018 Challenge Almere triathlon

The swim during the 2018 Challenge Almere triathlon

Photo >Jose Luis Hourca

The ITU will make an exception for the distances at next year's long distance world championship in Almere - the event will be run over the classic full-distance, a 3.8 km swim, 180 km bike and 42.2 km run. This is an exception to the normal distances typically seen at the long distance worlds a 3 km swim, 120 km bike and 30 km run.

According to a release from the ITU today, the change is due to the "technical difficulties in the circuit in Almere made this the only possibly option."

Challenge Almere is Europe's oldest triathlon, having started in 1983. The event typically hosts a number of events, but the main races include half- and full-distance races. This year the event serves as the European Championship and next year will host the ITU Multisport World Championship which will include five world championships over a 10 day period. In addition to the long distance world championships, there are also championship races in duathlon, cross-triathlon, aquathlon and swim bike.

Almere is a city on totally reclaimed land just 25 km from the center of Amsterdam. The race takes place 4.5 m below sea level in a region called Flevoland, which is characterized by dikes, windmills and long, straight roads that are more than a little susceptible to the wind.

Next year's race will take place between September 4 and 13 - it is the fourth running of the ITU's Multisport World Championship which began in Penticton, B.C. in 2017, moved to Fyn, Denmark last year and took place in Pontevedra, Spain earlier this year.