5 thoughts on the women's race in Chattanooga

TriathlonWorld.com's Asia-Pacific editor Phil Wrochna weighs in with some thoughts on the women's race at the Ironman 70.3 World Championship in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA.

| September 11, 2017 | NEWS

Daniela Ryf\'s only company on the bike in Chattanooga was the television crew.

Daniela Ryf's only company on the bike in Chattanooga was the television crew.

Photo >Kevin Mackinnon

A really interesting day in Chattanooga with the women’s race throwing up some surprises.

Did we see this coming? Yeah, we should have for sure. Daniela Ryf is never written off, but with what occurred last season and the fact that she has missed races and been injured in 2017, it could be easier to think that the flying Ryf could be getting closer to the field in 70.3 racing. But we were wrong and she stomped the field into submission. OK, lesson learned.

Separation Street. OK we like this. Each gender gets their own day. Normally it is all about the men with a women’s tack on after the buzz of the finish line is lost. Each gender getting their own day works for the 70.3 worlds in our book.

Emma Pallant decided to spice up the event with a sizzling run. You have to love it when athletes let loose and get a run time that is minutes ahead of the rest.

The new list. It was a case of the old (sort of) and the new on the world championship podium. Emma Pallant, Laura Philip, Sarah True all made the top five on the day, whereas the likes of Wurtele, Hauschildt and Lawrence were not near it. A changing of the guard? Not likely. It shows a depth of talent at this distance.

“It’s racing and sh*t happens”. Holly Lawrence has been near unbeatable this season. Yet on the weekend she experienced a power failure and her hopes of a world title defense went up the road and gone. But here’s the rub. Rather than list a bunch of crap on her social channels Lawrence was to the point and obviously moving on. You stay Classy!