Improve your technique and breathing power at the same time

In addition to the improvements you can make to your stroke, training with the Ameo PowerBreather snorkel can also help you strengthen your breathing muscles.

| January 31, 2018 | GEAR

There's a reason that you see so many age group swim programs utilizing snorkels as a regular part of their training. When you take breathing out of the equation, it's easier to keep your head still and in the right position so you can work on other aspects of your stroke.

In addition to the technical benefits of snorkel training, Ameo's Powerbreather snorkel can also provide some other training benefits through the use of some of the optional vents that can be used with the snorkel.

Studies have shown that training the muscles used for breathing can improve endurance performance, so the advantage here is that you can combine two training benefits at once - improve your swim stroke while also training the muscles that help you breath.


Choose your resistance

If you tried an Ameo Powerbreather out when it was first released, you probably used what's now called the "Speed Vent Medium." There are now three different levels of respiratory resistance available to use with the Powerbreather, easy, medium and power. All allow you to develop the training of your lung muscles as those muscles adapt to the training.

One of the huge advantages of using the medium and power speed vents with the Powerbreather is that it can increase the efficiency of your training. When you're pressed for time, a hard set of intervals with the power speed vent provides a very intense workout. You can also use the medium or power vents during an open water swim, increasing the intensity of that session, too.

Regardless of which vent you use with the Powerbreather you'll enjoy the patented fresh air system that allows you to inhale and exhale through two separate channels, so you only get fresh air into your lungs rather than fight the build up of CO2 you might have experienced with traditional snorkels. Add to that the valve technology that prevents water from entering the system and you find yourself breathing naturally as you swim.