Testing the Clifton 3

Known for their high and volumunous soles, Hoka One One shoes have become a popular choice for triathletes. We review the Clifton 3.

| December 14, 2016 | GEAR

Typical Hoka: the Clifton 3 offers lots of cushioning in a lightweight trainer.

Typical Hoka: the Clifton 3 offers lots of cushioning in a lightweight trainer.

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Every year two new world champions are crowned at the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. But the race on the Big Island also provides information on the most popular gear used by the best pros and age group athletes. In the "Kona coount" the equipment of the over 2,200 starters is documented and subsequently evaluated in detail. In 2016: 16 percent of the participants wore Hoka One One shoes, second overall in the overall shoe count behind Asics (17%). Hoka One One enjoyed a boost of 4.4 percent compared to the previous year, proving that the trend towards these "maximal" shoes continues.

Hoka's Clifton 3 flies in the face of the minimalist tradition that was popular a few years ago. The first thing you'll notice about the Clifton 3, which is available in five different colors, is just how much the high sole sticks out. Despite the deep sole with lots of cushioning, the Clifton 3 remains remarkably light - even if it does not look like one, the Clifton 3 is definitely a lightweight trainer.


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Running test

Even in practice you immediately notice that the combination of cushioning and light weight comes into play. There's a wide spectrum of tempos you can run at in this shoe. Whether you're going to be hitting sub-4-minute km-pace or cruising along over 5, the Clifton 3 rolls really nicely. The shoe is particularly suitable for triathlon events from Olympic-distance and up.

This lightweight trainer is very comfortable - there's little chance that you'll have issues with pressure points or having your foot move around. Even when running on the mid-foot the Clifton 3 offers lots of comfort and cushioning. The tread on the sole provides excellent grip even in wet conditions


Anyone who is looking for a shoe with a little more cushioning will find it here. The comfortable feel, low weight, and excellent support and cushioning make this shoe a good choice for almost all triathlon distance.