Sailfish wins top gear award

German manufacturer Sailfish got the nod when it came to your pick for best race gear in 2016 in our awards.

| December 22, 2016 | GEAR

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Author >Kevin Mackinnon

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For years Jan Sibbersen was the fastest swimmer in the sport. A former German national team swimmer, Sibbersen had worked as a banker for a few years before embarking on a pro triathlon career that saw him lead the way out of the water in pretty much every triathlon he entered, including the Ironman World Championship in Kona.

Sibbersen started his own brand of wetsuits in 2007 and, since then, the company has expanded to include race gear - which is obviously a hit with our readers. While the brand isn't as well known in North America, it has become a big player in the European market.

The top of the line Sailfish Trisuit Pro Team uses a light Eco Skin Material made of 100 percent recycled materials that use a body-zone oriented panel cut for optimal fit for both men and women. The unique blend of carbon-print and silicone ensure optimal power transfer, while the flat seams ensure less wear and maximal comfort. 

The Sailfish Trisuit Comp has many of the same features but uses a Powertech Skin Material, as does the Trisuit Team, which is made of Smooth Skin Material. Both the Comp and Team suits are available as two-piece options, too.

The same attention to detail, innovation and inside knowledge that made Sailfish so popular in the world of wetsuits has made the company's tri gear a hit, too - just ask our readers who named Sailfish the race gear brand of the year in our awards.