Roka Phantom sunglasses

Now you can be just like Jesse Thomas and wear a pair of Aviators for training and racing.

| October 18, 2016 | GEAR

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Performance Aviator sunglasses? Seriously?

Yep. Believe it. Now Jesse Thomas doesn’t have to be the only triathlete out there rockin’ a pair of Aviators during the bike and run – thanks to Roka triathletes can enjoy the best of both worlds. Lightweight, high-perfomance glasses that can also double as a stylish pair of shades to wear when you’re not training.

For those not familiar with Thomas’ story, he won the famed Wildflower Triathlon, his first pro race, wearing a pair of $9 Aviator-styled sunglasses he picked up at a drug store en route to the race. Since then it’s become an integral part of the Jesse Thomas “brand.” He hadn’t had much luck finding Aviator-style glasses that really worked for training and racing, though, until his sponsor Roka decided they wanted to get into the sunglass game and, of course, had to figure out how they could create something that would work for Thomas.

The Phantom’s certainly do that. The first think you’ll notice about these glasses is how light they are. At just 20 g you hardly notice them on your face. Next thing you’ll notice? They stay on your face very much like you’re used to with a high-end pair of sports glasses. It’s almost hard to truly believe – because of the Aviator style, you feel this need to keep shaking your head to see if they’ll really stay on your head. (Spoiler alert: they do.)

The glasses are so light because the frame is made of titanium. The special Geko pads on the nose and temples keep them firmly on your face during even strenuous activities. To complete the high-end package the impact-resistant nylon lenses from Carl Zeiss Vision provide excellent clarity. The lenses have anti-scratch, anti-fog and hydrophobic coatings, too.

Thomas wore the Roka Phantom’s to his big win at Ironman Lanzarote this year and also for his debut race in Kona. We’re looking forward to putting the Phantom’s through their paces for some bike and run workouts – stay tuned for a more detailed review.