Jackson signs with Argon 18

Heather Jackson, who has finshed in the top five at the Ironman World Championship the last three years, moves from Cannondale to Argon 18.

| January 22, 2018 | GEAR

Photo >Courtesy Wattie Ink

Chalk up another former Cannondale rider who will be on an Argon 18 this year - Kona contender Heather Jackson has announced her new bike sponsor.

After finishing fifth (2015), third (2016) and fourth (2017) in Kona, the American has ably proved that she's one to watch for the Ironman World Championshjp.

“I am beyond excited for my new partnership with Argon 18,” Jackson says. “I spent quite a few weeks testing and re-testing four different bikes on various terrain and in different conditions. At the end of those trials the Argon stood out from the others for a bunch of reasons, but primarily for its lightness and responsiveness. I tested it on hard efforts up Mt. Lemmon as well as on the super-windy, rolling Pistol Hill Loop in Tucson I use for Kona training. Not only is it an aerodynamic and fast time trial bike, but it is super-light and snappy. It felt like a road bike out of the saddle climbing, and on rolling terrain it carried its speed with no bogging on uphills.”

“Another reason I picked Argon 18 is that it lets me get into the perfect position to generate the most power I can. I'm extremely picky (ask Wattie) with where I sit on the bike, and can tell you if my saddle has been moved a fraction of a millimeter. The Argon fits me so well and allows me to get lower and narrower than I have been able to in the past. Finally, I chose Argon 18 because of the team behind these bikes. They’re committed to innovation and development and helping their triathletes and cyclists be the fastest they can be. I am so excited at the opportunity to join this team and to be a part of that.”

Photo >Courtesy Wattie Ink

Argon 18 will also be supporting Team Wattie Ink, an elite group of 100 amateur and professional triathletes from across the United States.