DT Swiss RRC 65 DICUT: Aero performance

An aero wheelset that meets the tough standards of the IAM cycling team, DT Swiss' RR65 offers exceptional aerodynamics and performance. We paired them with Schwalbe's Pro 1 tubeless tires and were very impressed.

| October 12, 2016 | GEAR

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Watching the guys in the store mount the Schwalbe Pro 1 tubeless tires onto the DT Swiss RRC 65 wheels I was supposed to be reviewing seemed like a lot more work than simply throwing on a clincher and a tube, which you can also do with these wheels.

Then, two km into my first ride, I became an instant fan. I rode over a piece of metal that embedded itself in the tire. When I pulled the metal out of the tire, I started to hear the “hiss” that we all dread out on a ride – you know the sound.

As I’d been directed, I spun the tire around, listened to the sealant swish around the hole, and the hissing stopped. I pressed the tire, realized that I hadn’t lost that much air, and finished the ride. That night I pumped the tire up a bit … and kept riding on it for the rest of this review, becoming more impressed with both the wheelset and tires on each ride.

More and more triathletes seem to be using the same wheelset for their training and racing these days – a tribute to the durability that wheel manufacturers are building into their wheels. Developed with lots of testing by the IAM pro cycling team, the RRC 65 is up for the toughest of tests – they’ve used these wheels throughout the Tour de France and other major cycling events around the world.

But triathletes don’t only want durability in a wheelset. We’re all clamoring for any extra speed we can get, too. Specially designed to accommodate 25 mm wide tires, these bulged shaped rims have been optimized through lots of wind tunnel testing to provide outstanding aerodynamics in a variety of different wind angles. While not as deep as, say, Zipp’s 808, the RRC 65 is very fast and isn’t as susceptible to cross winds. These wheels feel extremely stable no matter how much wind your dealing with, which will be a huge help for athletes trying to stay in the aero position in tougher conditions.

Keeping a tour team happy when it comes to wheels isn’t easy, which is why you can be confident that you’re going to be able to push the RRC 65s to the limit without running into any problems. DT Swiss uses layers of high modulus carbon joined with a special resin that resists high temperatures. The end result is a rim that can handle long, long descents on the brakes without any issues. That’s great for those who get to ride through major climbs in the Alps, but triathletes will enjoy the fact that they can hammer on the brakes at the last minute heading into a turn with complete confidence – the braking on these rims is amongst the best we’ve ever encountered.

Aerodynamics is obviously a huge factor when it comes to how fast a wheel is, but it’s also critical that a wheel be laterally stiff to ensure that all your energy goes into moving you forward. The front wheel uses 16 radially laced and 20 single crossed DT aerolite spokes and provides an extremely responsive ride while remaining very comfortable. The DT Swiss 240 hubs with ceramic bearings are extremely smooth and roll very well, completing the smooth-riding but performance package nicely.

The Schwalbe Pro 1 tubeless tires seem to roll very nicely and, as we mentioned earlier, impressed us a lot when it came to dealing with a puncture. It’s comforting to think that, in a race, you might just be a few seconds fixing a flat, versus a couple of minutes.

The RR65s are geared for triathlon and TT use, providing excellent aerodynamics and stiffness to ensure that you’re getting the most out of every pedal stroke and slicing through the wind with ease. They’re also incredible durable, making them a fantastic option for those who want to use the same set of wheels for their training and racing. And, if you have the luxury of being able to use these as your race-only wheels, you’ll know that they’re not only very fast, but tough enough to be pushed to the limit, too.

Stay tuned for our long-term review of the excellent RR65 Dicut wheels and the Schwalbe Pro 1 tubeless tires.