Cervelo's Lesley Loughlin introduces Cervelo's new bikes

Cervelo's marketing manager for triathlon, Lesley Loughlin, had a huge hand in the development of Cervelo's new PX line. The inside scoop on Cervelo's new bikes.

| March 22, 2019 | GEAR

Lesley Loughlin spent years going to triathlon races around the world and seeing exactly how triathletes were using their bikes. She had a vision of designing a bike that would take into consideration all the things triathletes wanted and needed in their rides. She convinced the engineering team from Cervelo to come with her to races to see for themselves exactly how athletes were setting up their bikes for half- and full-distance races.

The engineers jumped on board, taking thousands of photos and analyzing all the setups and storage options triathletes were using. That spurred the development of the P5X.

After listening to rider feedback, the latest iteration of the PX series is here - the P3X. Loughlin explains the background behind the new bike and what we can expect to see the Cervelo pros riding this year.