Cervelo launches P- and PX-Series bikes

Earlier this year Cervelo announced the new P5 and the P3X. Today the Canadian company has announced a new P- and PX-Series of bikes to complete their triathlon and time-trial line up.

| September 5, 2019 | GEAR

Cervelo\'s new PX-Series bicycle.

Cervelo's new PX-Series bicycle.

Photo >Courtesy Cervelo

In March Cervelo announced a couple of new bikes – the new P5 disc and the P3X. Today Cervelo adds to its tri line up with the announcement of a new "series" format - the P-Series uses the same frame as the P5, but offers some different component and cockpit options to make the bikes more attainable, while the new PX-Series takes the P5X and the P3X to a whole new level.

The P5X and P3X will be phased out now, leaving the PX-Series as the option for triathletes looking for a bike they can race with over longer distances and be able to carry three-round water bottles and lots of food and gels.

The PX-Series SRAM E-Tap

The PX-Series SRAM E-Tap

Photo >Courtesy Cervelo


Cervelo's P5X was a revolutionary new tri-bike - designed to carry three round water bottles and all the bars and gels a typical long-distance athlete wanted to carry along with them during a race without sacrificing any aerodynamics. It was also designed to be easily taken apart for travel and had its own travel bag.

The bike was super-aero and did exactly what it was designed to do, but it was heavy and not a great climber.

The P3X was the answer to those issues - lighter and noticeably stiffer, so it felt much better for climbing, but was even more impressive in terms of handling. But with the P3X you lost the split bar that made it easy to take apart for travel and a bit of the aerodynamics of the P5X cockpit.

The new PX-Series brings back that split bar, which improves aerodynamics, and retains all the other benefits we saw in the P3X. It’s also available in a much more upscale package. It is the response from the Cervelo engineers to the feedback provided to them from the original P5X - a bike that is:

  • 16 percent lighter than the P5X frame
  • 8 percent stiffer
  • 9 g more aero than the P3X
  • 15 percent stiffer at the bottom bracket

We’ll have a detailed review of the PX-Series coming over the next few weeks. The short version - it's everything we dreamed the P5X could offer - great for even super-long climbs in the Alps, responsive in corners, while also extremely aerodynamic and comfortable to ride.

The PX-Series is available in a couple of different builds and as a frameset:

  • PX-Series Dura-Ace Di2 with DT Swiss Arc 1100 62/ 80 mm wheels - US$12,000
  • PX-Series Red E-Tap with Zipp 404/ 808 Firecrest wheels – US$12,500
  • PX-Series Frameset – US$5,500

Photo >Courtesy Cervelo

The P-Series

The P5 is Cervelo’s flagship time trial bike, the one used by the company’s sponsored professional cycling teams. It’s the fastest bike the company makes – as long as you’re not trying to load it up with tons of water bottles or gels. It has always been a popular bike for triathletes, and the new P5 disc has been very well received, especially by the company's sponsored pros.

The new P-Series will offer many of the impressive characteristics we saw in the new P5 at much more affordable prices.

P-Series Ultegra Di2

P-Series Ultegra Di2

Photo >Courtesy Cervelo

The new P-Series will replace the P3 – this will be a bike that utilizes the super-aero P5 frameset and disc brakes, but offers some different components. Thanks to the frame, compared to the P3, the new P-Series will be:

  • 9 percent lighter
  • 26 g faster (bare)/ 18 g faster (loaded)
  • 18 percent stiffer at the bottom bracket
  • 30 percent stiffer in terms of torsional stiffness
  • Offer interchangeable cockpit options (as opposed to the integrated cockpit in the P5)
  • Come with SmartPak 400, Aerobottle 500 and a rear bottle mount

The new P-Series will come in a number of different builds:

  • P-Series 105 with Vision Team 30 wheels – US$3,200
  • P-Series Ultegra with Vision Team 35 wheels – US$4,300
  • P-Series Ultegra Di2 with Vision 55 TC wheels – US$6,500
  • P-Series Force E-Tap with Vision 55 TC wheels – US$7,000
  • P-Series Frameset – US$2,500

We’ll also have a more detailed review of the new P-Series bike for you over the next few weeks.