Boco Gear trucker hat

Designed to provide the best in performance, Boco's trucker hat has become the gold standard as a hat you can train, race and hang out in.

| October 25, 2016 | GEAR

A trucker hat to train and race in?

Yep, that’s exactly what the folks from Boco Gear did, creating a hat that meets the demands of the world’s best triathletes.

BoCo Gear’s trucker hats have become the choice for those looking for stylish headwear that also ensures they’ll get the best out of themselves on race day.

“We originated the technical trucker, own the trademark to the name and worked with a couple of the pros to help dial this in,” says Kay Martin, the president of BoCo Gear. “And in three years, it’s become the gold standard for a trucker you can train, race and hang out in.”

From that initial trucker concept BoCo has now developed seven different performance trucker styles. All use wicking sweatbands on the inside and used wicking material for the front panels to wick moisture away from your head.

That moisture isn’t always sweat, either – athletes have found that the trucker hats allow them to grab ice at aid stations to cool themselves down.

“Most athletes like to pour water on or into their trucker hats while racing,” Martin says. “They also put ice under the hat and run with the ice on their heads to keep their heads cooler. It wasn’t our intention when making these, but has become a fan favorite feature.”

One of the features that the athletes asked Martin and the crew from BoCo to incorporate was the fit. Specifically to ensure that the hats don’t have a “super deep fit,” Martin says. This ensures that you can wear sunglasses and not have them dig into your ears. The improved fit means that sunglasses won’t pull off as you fill the hat with ice."

You can customize your own Boco Gear Trucker Hat for your team or company - check out their website for more information.