Assos Winter Jacket and Undershirt

Assos is synonymous with high-quality, functional clothing that is also, often, high priced. We test the combination of the "iJ bonka.6 Cento" winter jacket and the "LS.skinfoil EVO 7" undershirt.

| January 6, 2017 | GEAR

Worth the investment - if you ride outside as the temperature hovers around 0 degrees Celsius, this combination is worth a look.

Worth the investment - if you ride outside as the temperature hovers around 0 degrees Celsius, this combination is worth a look.

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Assos has long been known for its high-quality functional clothing with Swiss DNA. The attention to detail in Assos products is renowned. For athletes trying to train in colder weather, we thought we would look at this combination from the Swiss manufacturer. Is it worth the investment?

The "iJ bokna.6 Cento" jacket and the "LS.skinfoil EVO 7" seamless knitted lower shirt are designed to keep you warm and dry at temperatures of about 0 degrees Celsius.

Layering these two items requires precise fit - remember that when you're trying this combination on in the store that while your standing the correct size will feel short, but will be bang on once you're on the bike. Assos has a few different styles to ensure you can dial in the perfect fit - for our review we went with the slim-fit version.

As is typical of Assos' attention to detail, the jacket uses nine different fabrics and has an integrated face mask. The knitted, close-fitting inner shirt creates a layered system that ensures your skin will stay dry as the sweat is whisked away from your body, helping you keep warm in the colder temperatures.

What's impressive about the jacket and shirt is just how light they are (only 750 grams in an XL) but still keep you warm.

Cold weather test

Right from the start of the first ride it was clear that Assos delivers with this combination. Unlike other combinations we've tried that seem to absorb perspiration, the inside of the jacket remains pleasantly dry and only the bottom of the shirt gets slightly moist - according to Assos that's a sign that the system is working. The rear part of the jacket uses more permeable material to ensure good movement of the moisture.

The cuffs and collar close off really well, ensuring that there isn't any cold air getting in, while the three open pockets on the back are easy to reach and are supplemented by two zippered pockets. 

The face protector, which is sewn into the jacket, can either be used as high as you'd like it - you can pull it right up over your nose if you need it that high.

Assos recommends that the jacket and the inner shirt be used as a combination and we can see why - other base layers just don't seem to be as comfortable. The extra investment of the undershirt is worth it, from our point of view.


So is it worth the steep investment that you'll have to make on this Assos jacket and undershirt?

It depends on what kind of riding you do. If you only head outside sporadically in the winter and spend most of your time on a trainer when the temperatures take a dive, probably not.

But, if you are the type who heads outside whenever you possibly can, the "iJ bonka.6" together with "LS.skinfoil EVO 7" are definitely worth a look. Assos' cycling wear is extremely durable, so it is well worth the investment as you'll likely be wearing this jacket for many years.