Andi Böcherer's aerobar tips

What should you look for in an aero bar? What's the best way to set it up? Andi Böcherer offers some tips to get the most out of your aero bars.

| May 11, 2018 | GEAR

Photo >James Mitchell

Today my #Triday is about aerobars. They are the most important part of a triathlon bike, because they allow you to achieve a comfortable aerodynamic position on the bike. That's why you should ALWAYS use them. Here are a few tips I've learned over the years when it comes to aerobars:

  • Make sure you pick a model with good adjustability so you can adapt the handlebar to your needs. 
  • Make sure you pick an extension that is comfortable. If you overstretch your wrists it can get very uncomfortable, especially over a longer distance.
  • Lower isn't necessarily faster. At the last aero test I did, I was more aerodynamic (and much more comfortable) with the handlebars higher and the armpads a bit wider.
  • Practice being on your aerobars in training - a lot. That's the only way to get used to it.
  • Every time you move away from the aero position and put your hands near the brakes, you lose the aerodynamics of your position. Your most comfortable position should be when you are in your aero bars. 
  • For a proper position, the saddle, seat height and reach must also be right so ...
  • Get a good bike fit to dial in your position. It's worth it!