The Citec Disc 8000 Ultra

This German-made disc is unrivaled in weight. Does the Disc 8000 Ultra by Citec deliver as much as the data sheet promises?

| January 23, 2018 | GEAR

Citec Disc 8000 Ultra.

Citec Disc 8000 Ultra.

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Based in Brandenburg, Germany, Citec produces its products in Germany. At a time where so much cycling product is manufactured in the Far East, this sounds antiquated, but old-fashioned is hardly the way you would describe this wheel. Unlike many other aero wheels and discs, the Disc 8000 Ultra features an aluminum rim, which is connected to the hub by the pretensioned carbon strips. The clincher version we tested weighed in at just over 820 grams, and the tubular version should come in 100 grams lower, unheard of numbers for a disc wheel.

If you're thinking that such a light wheel couldn't also have decent lateral stiffness or stability, think again. Even with heavier riders well over 80 kilograms (176 pounds) on poor road surfaces, the 8000 Ultra performs well. How Citec manages to build such a light wheel that remains stiff and durable remains a trade secret, but we did figure out that part of the answer lies in the large contact surface of the carbon fibre to the aluminum rim. One huge advantage of having an aluminum brake surface is that braking is very good, even in wet conditions, which can sometimes be a factor in all-carbon rims. And especially for clincher wheels, there's no risk that the rim flange will give way under pressure or get delaminated by the heat generated during braking.

The aluminum rim might not appeal to some cosmetically and you do have to be careful packing (and storing) the wheel as, under the layer of carbon, there is only air. Acoustically, too, you'll need to remember that this disc is not unlike a drum in terms of the setup.

The price of the disc is 2,099 euros. If you want to save 700 euros, but add 170 grams (according to the manufacturer), you can go with the regular 8000 model, which is also completely produced in Germany.