New allrounder from Continental

Continental has created a successor to the popular "GP 4000 S II" tire - the Grand Prix 5000. The new tire is superior to the multiple test winner in all respects and even comes in a tubeless version, the GP 5000 TL. A first look at the new tires.

| November 8, 2018 | GEAR

Photo >Nils Flieshardt

The answer has been consistent whenever the folks from Continental were asked about a new tire: "We will offer a successor for the Grand Prix 4000 S II only it it is clearly better than the current model."

Well, that time appears to have finally come - twice, in fact. Continental presents two new tires, the "Grand Prix 5000" and the tubeless version, the "Grand Prix 5000 TL," which replace the previous 4000 series tires.

Compared to its predecessor, the Grand Prix 5000 reportedly offers: 12 percent improvement in rolling resistance, 20 percent better puncture protection, is around 10 grams lighter (the 25-mm version weighs 215 grams) and significantly more ride comfort. In addition, the new Lazer-grip technology allows for even greater cornering traction.

There need not be any worries that the new profile used in the 5000 tire won't be as aerodynamic as the GP 4000 S II. The developers are quick to point out that they were able to incude the properties that made the old profile work so well into the new version.

The Grand Prix 5000 is now available in six sizes with widths between 23 and 32 mm. The suggested retail price will be 62.90 euros.

Continental's first tubeless tire for racing and time trial bikes

With the Grand Prix 5000 TL, for the first time Continental has a tubeless tire for racing or time trial bikes in its program. This tire has an even lower rolling resistance than the 5000 and even more puncture protection thanks to the built-in, under the tread, Vectran puncture protection belt that's better even without sealant. The sealant is still required, though, to keep the tire permanently "tight" to the rim. Continental recommends the usual amount of between 30 and 60 milliliters per tire to achieve the best possible puncture protection.

The Grand Prix 5000 TL is available in four sizes with widths between 25 and 32 millimeters. The 25 weighs 300 grams - the heaviest version is the 32 at 370 grams. Continental hasn't provided a rim recommendation. According to in-house testing, the tires "worked" with all the usual suppliers of tubeless ready wheels. However, Continental does say that there would be better and worse combinations due to uncontrolled market developments.